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Sector Finance was founded on the principles of risk transparency and real-yield and our tokenomics were designed to reflect these values. Our platform is built with a sustainable business and revenue model, and our tokenomics model ensures long-term incentives that build and grow a resilient platform led by our community.
Token Supply and Distribution:
The total supply of $SECT tokens is fixed at 100 million, and no more tokens will be created in the future. The tokens are distributed in the following way:
  • 45% Ecosystem
  • 20% Treasury
  • 17.5% Team and Advisors
  • 10% Public Launch
  • 7.5% New Order (Incubator)
Emission Schedule
Team and New Order allocation vests over 24 months with a 10% cliff unlock after 6 months. Advisor allocation unlocks 3 months after token launch.
Ecosystem emissions will be used to incentivize TVL. We’ve developed the emissions schedule to match our estimates of TVL over time. It’s balanced so that emissions properly incentivize more TVL (and therefore more protocol fees) without over-diluting current $SECT holders.