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Using Sector

How to get started using Sector's products

vStep 1: Connect Wallet

Step 2: Choose Your Collateral Asset

Step 3: Choose Your Vault

Step 5: Switch Network

Step 6: Approve Funds

Step 7: Deposit Funds

Step 8: Earn!

Step 9: Initiate Withdrawal

Some strategies and vaults have two-step withdrawals to prevent price manipulation attacks. Users must first request a withdrawal and then redeem their withdrawal once it is complete.

Step 9: Redeem Withdrawal

After the next vault harvest (or for epoch vaults, after the start of the next epoch), you'll be able to withdraw your funds as well as any earned yield. Epochs last one month, but harvest occur approximately every 24 hours. Read the tooltip associated with your vault to see which event (epoch or harvest) your withdrawal is dependent on.

Note on Strategy Withdrawals

Some strategy withdrawals are instantaneous. Simply specify the amount of funds you would like to withdraw and press Withdraw. Depending on a given strategy, withdrawals may incurr slippage charges. Default slippage is limited to .1% and may be adjusted by the user.

Aggregator Vaults

Withdrawals are a two-step process and require two separate transactions. Withdrawals are processed in batches every 24 hours for non-epoch vaults, and approximately once per month for vaults with epochs. View the Withdraw tab of your vault to see which applies to you.
  1. 1.
    Request Withdraw - vault token is sent back to the vault and the request is added to the queue
  2. 2.
    Redeem - complete the withdrawal once the request has been processed and receive funds

Cancelling a Withdrawal Request

You can cancel a withdrawal request only if it has not been processed yet. Once a request has been processed, you will need to complete the withdrawal and redeposit the funds back into the vault.

Emergency Redeem

If withdrawals have not been processed in timely manner (default is 3 days), users may use Emergency Redeem to claim their share of the vault strategies' shares and underlying float.
Note: to receive the full amount of underlying asset, users will need to redeem the strategy shares from each individual strategy.